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John T. McMillan Jr.John T. McMillan Jr.

On July 9th, 2005 John T McMillan Jr. was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia.

Overnight Johns life, and those of his family, were to be changed forever.

To many of us a diagnosis of this magnitude, this sudden, would seem insurmountable. To John it was looked at simply as a life challenge. 

John declared to his family that he would beat this thing. His attitude was that he had been blessed throughout his life and he was not going to let this slow him down.

He started aggressive treatments to beat this disease within days of his diagnosis. If he was scared or worried about the potential outcome he did not share these feelings with his family. If anything he was the rock that the family took comfort in. His courage and determination was only to be outdone by his unwavering sense of humor. 

Not once did he lose faith or confidence in his not conquering this disease.

John in his unique ways touched the lives of many people in 34 years. But nothing was more overwhelming than how he touched the lives of his family his closest friends and his community in 53 days.

On August 31st, 2005 we lost John to leukemia, but he left us something a lot more powerful than life. He left us with his memories and his spirit.

We all recognize had John survived his battle with Leukemia he would have given back 1000 fold so that others may not have to suffer as he did and if they do he would have been there to help them along offering support and positive motivation to get them through.

Losing John was a tragedy and an injustice that cannot be reversed. But an even larger injustice would be served to all those people whose life John would have touched, who will not have the benefit of his courage his faith and his humor. In this essence we created the John T. McMillan Jr. Memorial Foundation. So that John’s spirit and passion for helping others would not die.

The creation of the foundation was so that it can continue to do the work John would have done to help people in need had he survived.

John T. McMillan Jr. Memorial Foundation Inc. is a registered Charitable Foundation.